Wireless ENTERPRISE networks keep workers connected to the network, giving them real-time access to information whether they are at or away from their desks. Mobile workers become more productive because they can access information when and where they need it, whether they are using the Internet, doing email or accessing a corporate database. Enterprises can integrate wireless LANs to extend existing wired LANs or set up freestanding wireless networks.

wireless      wireless

· Easily scalable and portable, a wireless network access point can be installed without the disruption and costs associated with a cabled network point.

· The wireless network can be extended or moved to areas where a cabled infrastructure wouldn't be cost-effective or practical to do so (a warehouse for example).

· Businesses operating in listed buildings can adhere to restrictions that may effect the installation of a fixed-cable network.

Free Space Optics

Building to building optical links using laser technology are cost-effective and fast. You have none of the costs associated with leased lines‚ ISDN or ADSL‚ and bandwidths of up to a Gigabit are available. A single link can be used for voice and data simultaneously. Temporary links can quickly be installed and re-used, this is a popular solution on construction sites.

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