Blown Fibre

Blown Fibre is a fibre solution which works on the basis of pre-installing tubes, made to contain fibre bundles, which can be blown in at a later point in time. The key benefit derived from this type of installation is its level and degree of flexibility: This means that:

blownfibreNetwork planning is simplified - Blown fibre is perfectly suited to projects that are implemented in phases, or, where business needs for the cabling infrastructure are not determined at the outset. This is why blown fibre is a popular choice for large offices or campus developments where the cabling infrastructure is often installed in phases over a long period of time. Also eliminating the need for down time in large factory or warehousing areas, once the tubing is in place new fibres can be installed during normal working hours without our Engineers leaving the Comms Room.

Cost benefits are derived - The blown fibre specifier can enjoy budgetary benefits from the fact that the fibre is deployed as and when required - thereby spreading payment across different budgetary periods. Blown fibre also obviously eliminates the need for "dark " fibres. Owners of multi-tenanted buildings often specify a blown fibre cabling infrastructure because it means that their new tenants can take advantage of an existing cabling infrastructure as and when they move into the building.

The network is future-proofed - The versatility of blown fibre makes it both simple and easy to upgrade the network. New users can be added as and when required and existing fibre links can be re-routed to alternate users. In addition, blown fibre is able to competently support the continually evolving needs of the data communications market, for example bandwidth hungry applications such as Voice over IP, Video on Demand and Internet Access.