What is blown fibre and how can it benefit my business?

Blown Fibre is a flexible solution using pre-installed tubing ready to accept fibre bundles, single or multi-mode which can be blown in as and when needed.

The key benefit is the ability to future proof an installation at low cost and minimize cabling disruption when a network extension is required. The fibre is only introduced as and when required.

Our network is slowing down. What steps should we take to rectify this?

Ageing networks and increasing traffic can considerably reduce network performance. Before making any changes we recommend a network analysis to ascertain the true cause of performance loss.

Can I save money by switching to VOIP? What�s involved?

Savings can be made in some instances through the adoption of VOIP technology. An assessment of business communication requirements is needed to explore the possibilities and advise on equipment and services.

We need more network points. Should we upgrade to CAT 6?

Significant system performance improvements are possible by installing Cat6 networks. However, it is important to weigh up the benefits against the higher product cost. Equally one must consider future business needs and IT performance requirements. We would recommend further discussions before making this decision.

We are soon to move to a new office, can we go entirely wireless?

Wireless solutions offer obvious benefits in flexibility of use and with developments in wireless technology network performance is improving.

However, there are certain considerations which should be considered as with any new technology. Location of wireless hot spots, variability of network signal strength and security are all important issues. We recommend a site survey is carried out to assess the possibilities and agree on the optimum solution.